Tom Kennedy, a tech visionary, leads the development of a technology-agnostic no-code platform in building of enterprise ready mobile and web applications.

The closing of $7.5 million in funding round from Miami Stuff, LLC was announced on 18th December by Zudy. The idea of the company is to build no-code development environment. The platform of Zudy will give the enterprises opportunity to build highly configurable web and mobile applications only for days instead of the previous situation when it took months. Zudy has headquarters in Miami Beach and offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ottawa. It will use the funding for R&D, building out of partner program and for key hires.

The development effort will be led by the ex-founder of BackOffice Associates, Thomas Kennedy Junior. He is building platforms for rapid application development for Fortune 500 companies for about 35 years now. While he was working with BackOffice he patents CranSoft, SQL rendering platform that enables extensive advancement of the technologies of Data Governance and Data Migration in ERP environments. Throughout the tenure of Kennedy BackOffice Associates experienced exponential profitability and growth.He sold initially 15% of BackOffice Associates in the early 2008 and in 2012 he sold the rest of his stake.

Recognizing the problems in front of the Fortune 500’s CIO’s, Kennedy found a solution. They struggle to meet the demand of the fast changing environment facing the cost and the time for building of applications that can tie multiple platforms. Despite the presence of advanced cloud platforms and technologies, companies still spend a lot trying to answer up the movement “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and to accomplish accessibility and visibility through systems on all devices. The platform will allow enterprises to gain easily key system visibility and to develop departmental solutions that will innovate and mobilize intricate and complex legacy systems. Zedy will work without a problem with cloud-based systems as WorkDay, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and SuccessFactors and with on-premise relational database management systems that include Oracle, SAP Hana, SQL, IBM and the NoSQL Cassandra.

Tom Kennedy says that it’s time for the enterprises to stop coding and to start the creation of value. Zudy is not just a platform, it aims at change in the attitude toward the application development and the liberation of the innovations within the enterprises. The number of the developed applications is expected to rise from less than 10 per year to over 50.

The public release of Zudy will be launched in the first trimester of 2015.

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