LiveAction Inc announced on 4th of September that it has finalized round of financing on worth $5.35 million. There were two other companies that took part in this investment round – Enerdigm Ventures and Cisco Investments.

LiveAction Inc is a software company with focus on application performance management, networking and powerful visualization control and analytics. According to the chairman of the company, Darren T. Kimura, this investment provides the company with resources that will help them to grow, to deliver new customer solutions and to continue the simplification of the network and the transition to to the cloud. It will allow the company to expand significantly the marketing and sales effortsand also to accelerate and broaden product development.

This good news is accompanied by one change in the Board of Directors – Brian Nugent joins in. Till now Nugent was AITV General Partner. By his words, LiveAction is exemplary portfolio company. For keystone positives of the company he pointed the strong technology base, customer list with some of the strongest American companies (including the U.S. Department of Defense) and not on last stand the Cisco’s partnership.

The software of LiveAction helps large enterprises in the management of their networks since 2009. Their user interface is intuitive and graphical; the analytics are rich and deep and the network control is wide and easy, based on the rule: “See. Point. Click. Fix.”. This allows application and network management to be combined in in one completely integrated product.

Cisco’s Vice President of Network Transformation for Enterprise Networks, Jeff Reed, said that their investment underscores the interest of the market to bring the software-defined networking (SDN) in large-scale environments to the Wide Area Network (WAN). Working together is expected to increase the Intelligent WAN strategy of Cisco by adding unique means for the customers in achieving centralized control and network traffic visibility in specific applications.

If you are interested in LiveAction’s software you can try the free trial version from their site: before making final decision to invest in such professional purchase.

Ali Partovi is famous as top tech angel investor. It was announced that he has joined Hampton Creek, 2011 founded company which main point is to find plant replacement to the eggs. In the board of the company you can also see names like Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal; the firm Khosla Venturesand the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

According to Hampton Creek if a plant replacement is found for the eggs, this will limit the pollution that this industry causes to the environment; fewer chickens will be harmed, also energy will be saved and the spread of some chicken and egg transferred diseases will be limited. For now the company is concentrated in replacing eggs with plant properties in omelets and baked goods. They already have a product that you can find in the supermarkets – mayonnaise that tastes and looks normally but is made without a single egg – “Just Mayo”. According to Partovi, the $11 billion mayonnaise industry is just the tip of the iceberg with more and more improvements, products and ideas to come.

This is just another step for the movement of Silicon Valley leaders that aims into finding ways that are both sustainable and efficient in feeding the blooming humanity. According to them, technology is the only solution to the problem offering water and land friendly methods for the growing of plants and rising of livestock.

For 15 years Partovi is one of the leading investors in the Silicon Valley. He was one of the first investors in companies like Dropbox, Facebook and many others, leading aspiring entrepreneurs and propping up tech startups for more than ten years.

Again according to him one of the greatest challenges that stand in front of us in the upcoming years is the feeding of the growing population through more sustainable methods. He said that the only agricultural area that causes problems and inefficiency is the animal agriculture.

It’s not the first venture from this segment for Partovi, he is also investor in Farmland LP in San Francisco and BrightFarms in New York. First is into conventional farm land acquiring and the second builds greenhouse farms close to supermarkets, trying to reduce the transportation in food suppling. He also serves on FoodCorps board, which is a non-profit organizations that uses volunteers to improve the food education in schools and food access.

Chief strategy officer is the position in Hampton Creek that Partovi will take.