Tom Kennedy, a tech visionary, leads the development of a technology-agnostic no-code platform in building of enterprise ready mobile and web applications.

The closing of $7.5 million in funding round from Miami Stuff, LLC was announced on 18th December by Zudy. The idea of the company is to build no-code development environment. The platform of Zudy will give the enterprises opportunity to build highly configurable web and mobile applications only for days instead of the previous situation when it took months. Zudy has headquarters in Miami Beach and offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ottawa. It will use the funding for R&D, building out of partner program and for key hires.

The development effort will be led by the ex-founder of BackOffice Associates, Thomas Kennedy Junior. He is building platforms for rapid application development for Fortune 500 companies for about 35 years now. While he was working with BackOffice he patents CranSoft, SQL rendering platform that enables extensive advancement of the technologies of Data Governance and Data Migration in ERP environments. Throughout the tenure of Kennedy BackOffice Associates experienced exponential profitability and growth.He sold initially 15% of BackOffice Associates in the early 2008 and in 2012 he sold the rest of his stake.

Recognizing the problems in front of the Fortune 500’s CIO’s, Kennedy found a solution. They struggle to meet the demand of the fast changing environment facing the cost and the time for building of applications that can tie multiple platforms. Despite the presence of advanced cloud platforms and technologies, companies still spend a lot trying to answer up the movement “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and to accomplish accessibility and visibility through systems on all devices. The platform will allow enterprises to gain easily key system visibility and to develop departmental solutions that will innovate and mobilize intricate and complex legacy systems. Zedy will work without a problem with cloud-based systems as WorkDay, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and SuccessFactors and with on-premise relational database management systems that include Oracle, SAP Hana, SQL, IBM and the NoSQL Cassandra.

Tom Kennedy says that it’s time for the enterprises to stop coding and to start the creation of value. Zudy is not just a platform, it aims at change in the attitude toward the application development and the liberation of the innovations within the enterprises. The number of the developed applications is expected to rise from less than 10 per year to over 50.

The public release of Zudy will be launched in the first trimester of 2015.

On 18th December P97 Networks announced $8 Million Series A Funding round’s closing. The company is developer of the cloud based platform for behavioral marketing and mobile commerce PetroZone for fuel retailingand convenience industry. The leader in the round was Emerald Technology Ventures, global investor in the fields of advanced materials, energy, industrial IT and water technologies. One of the Emerald Technology Ventures’ partners, Charles Vaslet, joined the Board of Directors of P97. Other participants in this funding were ATAPCO (American Trading and Production Corporation) and existing and new investors. P97 plan to use the funding for acceleration of the marketing, sales and product development.

The P97’s founder, Don Frieden, said that they are looking forward to an exciting 2015 as PetroZone will be deploy across the enterprises of the retail fuel and oil company merchant customers of the company. P97 has assembled team that understands both technology issues and the business and this will be addressed toward the creation of new mobile payments offerings that will be broadly adopted. He also said that the partnership with Emerald Technology Ventures and its global network will be a keystone in the P97’s growth support.

Charles Vaslet says that by choosing PetroZone of P97 as their mobile solution, retail fuel merchants trust world class mobile commerce platform. The management team of P97 is passionate and knowledgeable and it has a proven record of deployment of enterprise class mobile software solutions all over the globe. The partnership with Microsoft and their industry partner system, positioned P97 in a track of lasting success.

PetroZone by its idea estimates connections between convenience stores, retail fueling merchants and consumers through its partner ecosystem. It includes consumer package good companies, merchants, oil company payment networks, banks and automotive companies. PetroZone’s consumers have options for lower fuel prices, better mobile shopping experiences and opt-in personalized digital offers for the in-store purchases if they have enabled “connected cars” and mobile phones. The partners in PetroZone’s ecosystem gain loyalty from the consumers through “connected-consumer” and omni-channel marketing opportunities when they enable mobile settlement and payments, digital offers, hosted-managed point-of-sale solutions and behavioral marketing when they are connected to the open integration framework of PetroZone.

Echodyne separates from Intellectual Ventures and turns to providing of metamaterials-based radar systems to the market.

The initial funding round was announced by Echodyne on 18th of December and the participants in it were Madrona Venture Group, Bill Gates, The Kresge Foundation, Lux Capital, Vulcan Capital and others. Echodyne is the fourth spin-out of Intellectual Venturesand it will provide radar products based on Intellectual Ventures’ metamaterials technology. This technology was invented through collaboration with Duke University and San Diego’s University of California. Echodyne will be headed by the co-founders CTO Tom Driscoll and CEO Eben Frankenberg.

According to Bill Gates the innovative use of metamaterials by Echodyne contains great promise for a spectrum of new radar applications. He says that the work with Frankenberg for almost a decade makes him expect good results from his leadership of Echodyne.

The company is exclusive licensee for the metamaterials technology for radar applications of Intellectual Ventures (IV) and it holds the representation of the IV’s third spin-out. The metamaterials are artificially structured and they are used for the control and manipulation of a great range of physical phenomena: electromagnetic radiation, for example.

The IV’s CEO, Nathan Myhrvold, said that Echodyne’s launching is a new proof point for IV’s Metamaterials Commercialization Center and that they will continue the proper investments in this promising sphere. He adds also that better funding team is unimaginable, Eben Frankenberg has deserved respect and trust as a leader and Tom Driscoll is a gifted technologist whose exact field is the physics of materials.

Eben Frankenberg has played crucial role at Intellectual Ventures for almost 10 years by leading the efforts of the company to spin out and create companies by overseeing and incubating the Lab and Global Good of IV and through his service as COO of IV. Before his work for IV, Eben Frankenberg has spent 9 years as leader of marketing, business development and sales of Onyx Software. His academic career includes Stanford University MS in Geophysics and Dartmouth College BA.

Frankenberg expressed his excitement for the market potential of their breakthrough metamaterials-based radars. He said that they are disruptive to the existing markets and also they enable new radar categories that have never been contemplated before or even thought as possible. He showed also his gratitude to the investors that share their vision, to the IV for the invention and incubation of the technology and also to the government and commercial customers and partners who gave them welcome reception.

Tom Driscoll was at the metamaterials technology forefront also for about 10 years. His last work was as IV Metamaterials Commercialization Center’s Director from this position he oversaw a lot of development and research projects, the initial work on the radars included. Before this he was researcher at Duke University and at San Diego’s University of California. The Echodyne’s CTO holds Ph.D. in Physics from UCSD.

One of the BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) inertial sensors leading innovators – Qualtré Inc. announced on 17th December receiving of funds from strategic partners, one of which is Alps Electric, and also from some of Qualtré’s current investors as Pilot House Ventures and Matrix Partners. The company will use the funds for expansion of marketing and sales, to scale operations and to extend the products’ development as supporting additional applications and new customers.

The Qualtré’s CEO and Presiden, Edgar Masri, commented that in 2014 Qualtré has launched two models of BAW MEMS gyroscopes that have been accepted very well by the customers. The robust gyroscopes offer better accuracy, superior vibration and shock immunity on competitive price. These qualities make Qualtré’s gyroscopes perfect for the harsh environments and challenging demands of high-performance and industrial consumer applications, for example: platform stabilization, inertial navigation, unmanned vehicles, robotics, sports measurement, the Internet of Things and medical wearables.

The director of Components Business of Alps Electric, Yasuo Sasao, said that Qualtré and his company created strong partnership due to the good complementation of their core competences. The strong sensor portfolio of Alps Electric benefits from the superior inertial MEMS performance and technology of Qualtré, while Qualtré itself can benefit from the manufacturing efficiencies of Alps Electric to support its production volumes at competitive price and also to access broad customer base. Alps Electric has been very impressed by the response to the best-in-class products of Qualtré and they are expecting the present and future collaboration to provide great experience to their customers, both existing and new.

The funding from the previous rounds was used for development of the proprietary Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) MEMS sensor designs of Qualtré and for its scalable HARPSS™ process technology. The versatile technology of the platform in conjunction with the skilled engineering team of the company were instrumental in the developing of highly differentiated 1-axis and 3-axis BAW MEMS gyroscopes, which have been supplied to the leading customers of Qualtré. If you want more product information or wish to order samples, you can visit .

In 2014 EETimes selected Qualtré Inc. for the list of “Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch” and among the top 10 MEMS/Analog startups.