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List of all Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms - 1

@Ventures, USA
10 Group PLC , UK
123 Ventures , France
1st Source Bank , USA
1to1 Venture Partners LLC , USA
21 Investimenti , Italy
2i Capital , India
2M Invest A/S , Denmark
2M Invest AB , Sweden
2M Real Estate Ventures , USA
2M Technology Ventures , USA
3i Europe , Italy
3i Finland Oy , Finland
3i Germany , Germany
3i Gestion SA , France
3i Group plc , Spain
3i Group plc , UK
3i Nordic plc (UK) , Sweden
3i plc South East Asia , Singapore
3i-Kogin Buyouts Ltd. , Japan
3K Digital , UK
3TS Venture Partners , Czech Rep.
3TS Venture Partners , Hungary
3TS Venture Partners , Poland
4C Ventures , USA
7L Capital Partners, USA
7L Capital Partners, Greece
7L Capital Partners, UK
7L Capital Partners, UK
A H Smaforetagsinvest AB, Sweden
A. M. Pappas & Associates, LLC, USA
A.I.M. Group Zurich, Switzerland
AAVIN Venture Capital, USA
Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund , India
Aavishkaar International, Singapore
Aavishkaar International, USA
AB Capital and Investment Corp., Philippines
AB Traction, Sweden
Abacus Capital, Singapore
Abacus Capital, Thailand
Abacus Ventures, Singapore
Abacus Ventures, USA
Abbott Capital Management, LLC, USA
Abell Foundation, USA
Aberdare Ventures, USA
Aberdeen Asset Management, Australia
Aberdeen Asset Management, Singapore
Aberdeen Asset Managers Ltd., UK
Aberdeen Gould, Canada
Aberdeen Private Equity Ltd., UK
Abingworth Venture Management Ltd., UK
ABN AMRO, Australia
ABN AMRO Bank, Spain
ABN Amro Capital, Italy
ABN AMRO Mezzanine Ltd., UK
ABN AMRO Private equity, USA
ABN AMRO Private Equity (UK) Ltd., UK
ABN AMRO Venture France, France
Aboa Venture Management Oy, Finland
ABS Capital Partners, USA
ABS Ventures, USA
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, United Arab Emirates
Acacia Venture Partners, USA
Academy Funds, USA
Accel KKR, USA
Accel Partners, UK
Accel Partners, USA
Accelerator Media, UK
Accenture Oy, Finland
Accenture Technology Ventures, Sweden
Accenture Technology Ventures, UK
ACCERA Venture Partners AG, Germany
Access Capital Inc., USA
Access Capital Corp., Canada
Access Capital Partners, France
Access Venture Partners, USA
Accretion Investment Management Pty Ltd, Australia
Accretive Technology Partners, USA
Ace Venture Capital, South Korea
ACF Equity Atlantic Inc., Canada
Achenbaum Capital Partners LLC, USA
ACI Capital America Fund, USA
Ackermans & van Haaren NV, Belgium
ACON Investments, USA
Acorn Campus, USA
Acorn Growth Companies, USA
Acorn Technology fund, USA
Acorn Ventures Home Acorn Investment Fund, USA
ACR Capital AB, Sweden
ACT Venture Capital Ltd., Ireland
Acuity Ventures LLC, USA
Ad Ventures, USA
Adamant BioMed, Germany
Adams Capital Management Inc, USA
Adams Harkness & Hill, USA
Adams Street Partners, UK
Adams Street Partners, USA
Adams, Harkness, and Hill Technology Ventures, USA
AdCapital, Germany
ADD Partners, UK
Adena Ventures, USA

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